Bruce, Jerry & Gabriel

It was great to see my old friend Bruce Gertz with Gabriel Guerrero and Jerry Bergonzi at Shapeshifter Lab in Brooklyn last night. Bruce, Gabriel and I pIayed quite a bit as a trio back in my Boston days, and we always had a special musical connection (and made a ton of great recordings). I fished out this old photo of us playing with Jerry at The Acton Jazz Cafe about 10 years ago. I look so young (Bruce and Jerry look pretty much the same, and sound incredible. Must be the red wine). The post-show hang included Bruce's former student, bassist and Shapeshifter co-owner Matthew Garrison giving us a sneak peak at his cutting-edge music software project, and lots and lots of reminiscing. And there's some talk of making a trio recording next time Bruce makes it down to NYC. I hope we can make it happen!

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