Getting "Tourganized"

I've always loved the musical variety of working with a lot of different bands, but there's just something about going on the road and playing the same tunes night after night that makes things come together in a special way. It feels more "elevated". The communication becomes effortless. As I'm about to start this tour with Woodhead, I'm looking forward to achieving this enhanced musical synergy in an already-pretty-damn-tight-sounding band. I'm also excited to be playing my own kit for most of the shows. In NYC, logistics often dictate that we use backlined drumsets of differing levels of, (ahem), quality at various venues around town. For this tour, I've got the Pearl Masters Series MMX kit ready to go (10'12'14'20'), and I'll be subbing in the 22' Export bass drum for the first leg down in the DC area. I've played Pearl my whole life, and have found that those drums offer versatility and plenty of punch without sacrificing the subtlety I value so highly. I'll be doing another gear post from the road, and I'll try to get some pics as well.

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