Hard Copy

There's nothing quite like a seeing the finished product of a long-awaited album for the first time. Even in this digital age, there's a real sense of accomplishment in holding the hard copy of a CD in your hands, reading the liner notes, enjoying the art, and knowing that this music will now exist permanently in this form, forever. Woodhead experienced this gratification as a band yesterday when we picked up our new record "El Inmortal" on the way to our first tour stop. I'm really proud of how this record came out, and I'm especially pleased with the drum sounds. I used a set of Visitlites (the clear-shelled drums popularized by John Bonham) on most of the tracks, and they sound huge! Charles Burst, who engineered and mixed the record, got my tone just right, with the perfect combination of raw, in-your-face attack and smooth clarity. And did I mention they're 'uge? I think it has a lot to do with the way he blends the sounds of a vintage room mic with the close mics on the kit. Woodhead is also a band that tends to put the drums forward in the mix. Anyway, we're headed to Philly for tour-stop number 2. More to come!

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