Cajon Rig

With the first leg of the Woodhead tour complete, I'm happy to be back in NYC and doing some really fun and fulfilling shows. This week included a outdoor performance in gorgeous Wave Hill Garden in the Bronx with singer-songwriter Jann Klose and Elsa Nilsson on flute. It was a beautiful day, and a I was thrilled to break out the Cajon rig for a few hundred people chilling on the lawn. This rig, which I was proud to have featured in Discmakers "Echoes" blog,, includes a double pedal with the chain reversed (so a forward facing pedal can hit the cajon while I sit on it), as well as a 13' piccolo snare (Omar Hakim Pearl Signature Series), a 12' vintage Zildjian crash, a tambourine on a HH stand, and some shakers and hand percussion. The cajon I used was a custom-made instrument from Kai Mayberger of White Raven Drumworks in Bridgewater, Vermont; this cajon is so versatile and sounds great when played on the snare and non-snare surfaces and with the hands or with a pedal. It's great when you want to maintain the basic idea of playing the kit (as opposed to congas or other hand percussion), but don't want to overwhelm with too much low end, especially with just acoustic guitar and flute.

I'll have some more updates soon, but now I'm off to play a show in Bushwick with everyone's favorite scream-in-your-facer, Skulk The Hulking. Next week also includes a show at the Highline Ballroom with Cristiano, plus more Woodhead. Later !!

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