In-Ears @ The Highline

Friday night I played at the Highline Ballroom with Cristiano, and it was a rousing success. There were a lot of logistical challenges (no proper soundcheck), but we we able to adjust on the fly and make it work. My setup for that project includes a Rolls PM personal amp monitor and Shure EC2 headphones for the backing tracks and click. I've used this in-ear rig for years- it's quick to set up (which is always important in the world of rapid NYC band changeovers) and the EC2's seem to handle bass frequencies pretty well (many in-ears do not). Thomas Mester, the band's producer, and guitarist runs the tracks off Ableton Live and splits the signal for me- click on the left side, tracks on the right. The rubber inserts on the EC2's are interchangeable, and I often change to larger or smaller ones depending on how "closed" I want the sound. I tend to use smaller cartridges if I want more sound to bleed in so I can hear my drums, the vocals or other things not in the headphone mix. If those things are already in the mix along with the backing tracks/click, I don't need the bleed and use larger ones.

Next up for me is a run of shows in New York and DC with The Michael Gallant Trio and Aurical, followed by more Woodhead road gigs. Summer is rolling right along!

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