Road Mode Overload

I had a great couple of shows with Woodhead this weekend thoughout Massachusetts and NY. We played The Milky Way in Boston with Carissa Johnson and Sun Drifter on Thursday, then headed to to the Northampton area to headline at The 13th Floor on Friday. There were with a bunch of interesting locals on the bill with us that night, and my drums sounded great in the room. It was refreshing to get out out of the city and into some wide open spaces, and especially fun to hang with our buddy Nick D'Amico and his fabulous family while we were there. On Saturday we played the Starlite Gallery in Southbridge, MA and took a bunch of crazy psychedelic pictures afterwards, including the one below. Then we high-tailed it back to NYC to play one of my favorite clubs, The Mercury Lounge on Sunday. Next week we are headed to Burlington, VT and Syracuse, NY. Road mode overload!

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