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As summer segues gently into fall, I’m looking forward to spending the next few weeks performing with a wide range of great artists. Tomorrow 9/20, I’ll be at Rockwood Music Hall for a midnight show with Svoy, a Billboard-charting electronic music composer and producer for Universal Music Group. Svoy’s live shows are based on the concept of improvised bass/loops, drums and vocals with a pre-recorded electronic track. His latest album is about 30min long, and we play it top-to-bottom without interruption. There about 10 shorter tracks within the longer piece, and nailing the transitions and tempo changes is always the biggest challenge. However, playing along with the track frees me up from time-keeping responsibilities and really lends itself to creativity and exploration. This is not always the case when playing with a track, and I’m always energized by having so much freedom. Gearwise, I use a Rolls PM50 personal amp monitor and my Shure EC3 earbuds to hear the track. We don’t use a click, so I have to stay on my toes! For the drumkit, I’ll have a couple warm Zildjian K’s on the Rockwood house set (one of the city’s best), and my trusty Vic Firth SD11 Slammers (my stick of choice for almost 20 years!). I’m also looking forward to shows the next few weeks with Andrea Capozzoli, Skulk the Hulking, Doll Parts and The Michael Gallant Trio. Hit the calendar page for updates!

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