Filming in Double Time

It's been a busy few weeks of playing and recording with some of my favorite artists, highlighted by the filming of The Depth & The Whisper's new music video. We shot the video in double-time with a badass camera called the Red Weapon with the intent of getting slow-motion shots. However, this presented the unique challenge of playing along with the track at twice it's normal speed. Luckily, the song, "Souvenir", isn't a particularly fast tempo, but mimicking the exact fills on the recording was quite a challenge. The vocals sounded like Alvin and the Chipmunks, and even the simplest fills were at video-game speeds (paging Mike Mangini...). However, I pulled it off as best I could, and am excited to see how the video turns out. The still shots were pretty epic-looking (crazy lights, fog machine, the whole 9...) We sandwiched the filming between a couple of NYC gigs, and I'm looking forward to doing more with those guys in the near future.

I also really enjoyed playing Andrea Capozzoli's CD release show at Ryles in Boston. It was great to see so many familiar faces from my old stomping grounds (despite the fact that it took us 8hrs to drive there from NYC. Thanks Connecticut!!). The next few weeks include The Michael Gallant Trio playing our Tomi Jazz Residency in midtown, Woodhead doing a night of Bowie @ The Gutter for Halloween, and a short theater run doing Anbroboros (America's oldest play) w/The Peculiar Works theater company. Also, Action Moves People United is on the Grammy ballot, and I've got some exciting news on the horizon. Thanks for reading- more soon!

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