Modern Drummer, Discmakers, more shows

It's been quite an amazing month for me. It's hard to overstate how special it is for me to be featured in Modern Drummer, a publication I've read since I first picked up a pair of sticks at 12 years old. I've also been humbled by the reaction to the article from my family, friends and musical collaborators who shared it, sent congratulations, and encouraged me to continue working and strive for more. I promise that I will.

I also had the opportunity to write an article for the Disc Makers Indie Music Blog about how other musicians can communicate with drummers by learning drum lingo and terminology. This article was fascinating to write because forced to the confront and analyze the importance of clear communication in making good music. I can think of instances throughout my career when great music was derailed by poor communication methods, and how approaching such interactions with patience and understanding can smooth over a lot of thorny situations. The article seems to have stirred a lot of passion on social media, which is great because without the passion, the music generally will suck.

I've also had some incredibly unique and fun shows this month, including one crazy Sunday when I played with The Funk Machine outdoors at the New York Marathon, followed by a theater gig in a boxing ring (doing Androboros, America's oldest political farce), followed by a set of David Bowie tunes in a theater in NJ with Woodhead. That was one hell of a day. Woodhead also did a fun Tuesday night show with our friends Brian and Olya Viglione and their band Scarlet Sails.

As the Thanksgiving buzz wears off, I'm looking forward to shows this week with Michael Gallant (our monthly Tomi Jazz Residency), Skulk The Hulking, and a bunch of other cool stuff. Hit the Calendar page for the details. More to come!

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