Last Blog of the Year (probably)

As I prepare to head out to my last gig of 2016, I can happily reflect on all the great music I got to be a part of this year. While I won't summarize it all right now, this week alone has including some great experiences: Woodhead went in to Bill Laswell's Orange Music Sound Studio to record the tune "Boys Float" for a compilation album called NOW New York to be released on the True Groove label in 2017. The highlight for me personally was getting to play an old Yamaha Stage Custom kit previously owned by the great Steve Jordan, Woodhead had a busy and productive year, and kicks off 2017 at one of my favorite venues in NY, the Mercury Lounge on Jan 5th.

Later in the week, I played cajon with Jann Klose, Annie Haslem (from the legendary British prog band Renaissance), Elsa Nilsson and Kirsten Maxwell at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3. The place was packed, and my custom-made cajon from White Raven Drumworks sounded truly amazing in the room (without any amplification). I'm excited to be hitting the studio with Jann and Annie in early January to track one of the songs we did that night.

Last night, I did an especially raucous show with Skulk, The Hulking, which is preparing to hit the studio for a full length album next week. It was great to see so many friends and familiar faces in the audience supporting us. It would have been a perfect night if I hadn't smashed my head on a poorly placed speaker behind the drum kit! I'm fine. Maybe a few less brain cells, but drummers don't need those anyway, right?? As for NYE (now), I'll be hitting with The Funk Machine in Long Island City at a fun neighborhood spot called The Beast Next Door.

Anyway, thanks for reading! It's been a great year of musical and professional growth for me and I can't wait for January to start (more on that in the next post). Happy New Year and happy drumming!


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