Recordings, Tour & a Tribute

The life of a musician often includes extreme highs and lows, and this month has been no exception. Some of highs include the recent show at Irving Plaza with Cristiano, gigs and new music with Woodhead, and studio recordings with Jann Klose/Annie Haslam (Renaissance) and Skulk The Hulking. I also played on a couple albums that were released into the universe this month: singer Phoebe Legere's album "Heart of Love" and We is Shore Dedicated's 6th studio release, "Marty" (links on the discography page).

We're also putting the finishing touches on a set of video recordings I made with bassist Dmitry Ishenko. Dmitry and I have worked together steadily for 15 years, backing up tons of artists and recording nearly 20 albums together. Recently, we decided to go into the studio as a duo to track some improvised music and film it with 3 cameras. We came up with a lot of fun and interesting ideas, and Dmitry is always great at filling up space with creative looping. I'm really looking forward to sharing it with you my on Youtube Channel.

As for the lows I referenced, the passing of my friend and musical collaborator, guitarist John Cave was a difficult pill to swallow. John was the regular guitarist in the Monday night Ella Lounge band for a long time, and we became friends as we traveled up and down the east coast with a variety of great bands. His passing shocked and saddened us all, but I know that he will live on through the his wonderful family, as well as all the music he left behind. Included in this music is an album we did in Boston with one of my favorite singers, Andrea Capozzoli. John's playing on this record is brilliant and I can't wait to share it with the world once we finish it. More on that soon.

Looking ahead, I'm excited to hit the road in March and April with the rock trio The Depth & The Whisper. It will be great to see some old friends in Chicago, Montreal, Boston, Philly and a bunch of other cities along the way. Check the shows page for all the details.

There's also some big news coming up on the endorsement front. Sorry for the vague teaser, but stay tuned!

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