Drum Sandwich

Despite the fact that this 'blizzard" didn't hit NYC with the expected impact, today is still a good day to stay indoors and update the ol' blog. I had a great run though the midwest with The Depth & The Whisper, highlighted by a show at the iconic Elbow Room in Chicago. We also had a chance to stop by the Chicago Music Exchange the next day to check out some gear. Dave Tanner geeked out on vintage Hofner basses, Albert Bickley got a new guitar case, and I tried a ton of ride cymbals, snares and high-hats. What a fabulous store. The vibe, staff, and selection of gear are right on point. I can't wait to go back! Then we headed for the lovely little hamlet of Portage, Wisconsin, stopping in Milwaukee to eat this pork schnitzel sandwich on a pretzel bun at Honeybea's (thanks to Mimi from the band Resistance for the rec!) We had a lot of fun playing for the students at Portage Soundworks that night and enjoyed some great hospitality from Dave's friend Nathan, who runs the music school there. After a quick run down to Champaign, Illinois for an in-store performance at a chic record store called Exile on Main, we headed back to Chicago and then home to NYC. What a fun trip. I'm really looking forward to our April run of shows up the east coast to Montreal.

Since I've been back, it's been a whirlwind of recording (w/Skulk The Hulking), and shows (w/Skulk, Doll Parts and a fun jazz trio hit with my old buddy Gabriel Guerrero and Will Slater). Later this month, I'll be in the studio with the pop/rock band Aurical and am looking forward to live shows with The Michael Gallant Trio, Woodhead, and Doll Parts before the April mini-tour. I'll also be sharing some exciting news on the gear/endorsement front soon, as well as the bass/drums videos I did recently with Dmitry Ishenko...stay tuned, and thanks for reading!!

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