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It's been a great few weeks in the studio and on the road. We wrapped up the tracking and mixing for the new Skulk The Hulking record and played a fun show at the soon-be-no-more Don Pedro in Brooklyn. I also did some tracking for the new Aurical album at Sweetsounds studio, and played a couple raucous shows with Woodhead in Brooklyn. And The Depth & The Whisper completed a successful weeklong run up the east coast, including a Rockwood Music Hall hit in NYC, shows in Philly, Boston, Burlington, and a trip up to Montreal. I love being on the road and experiencing all the different cities, people, food and music (even though I was battling through the flu). It was also a great opportunity to get to know my new Hendrix snare on a nightly basis. I found that a medium-lower tuning range worked well in this setting and also enjoyed experimenting with 3 positioning options on the Dunnett R7 throw-off. The drum came though the tour with flying colors and I can't wait to take it in the studio for some upcoming recordings.

I'm also honored to be a featured artist on the Hendrix Drums website along with some incredible artists like John Blackwell, Lester Estelle and others (my photographer friend Thomas Mester took some excellent photos of me with the snare, including the one featured on this page)

Here's a link:


Thanks for reading...more soon!!

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