Getting More Sounds from Less Gear

Summer is in full swing, and I'm excited for a bunch of shows coming up with some of my favorite artists.  July 20th should be an especially fun one, as the Michael Gallant Trio plays at the Smithsonian American Art Museum in Washington D.C. as part of their summer concert series.  It's a free show, and I'm looking forward to seeing a lot friendly faces in my hometown.    This piano trio with Michael and bassist Dmitry Ishenko has been together for almost 4 years, touring and doing a monthly residency at Tomi Jazz in midtown Manhattan.   One of my favorite aspects of Michael's music is its diversity of grooves and textures, which allows me to be creative and push the boundaries of the drumset.  I tend to use a pared-down rig on many of these gigs- a bass drum, ride, hi-hat, and of course my Hendrix snare.   His music also offers many opportunities for me to solo (more than almost any other project I'm in).  This small kit coupled with the large amount of musical space forces me to invent creative ways to get more sounds out of each instrument.    Since I got my Hendrix snare, it's been fun utilizing some of its unique features in this context.  I'm constantly making musical choices by changing the snare tension on the 3-level R7 throw-off, along with loosening and tightening the dual-adjustable snare wires (turning the knob changes the middle wires while keeping the outside ones the same-it's is a really cool effect!)   I also push on the head with my hands and elbows, and love using the wide and flat S-Hoops to create all kinds of rim clicks and different tones.  Now that I have my new Zoom Q2N drummer-cam up and running, I'll be doing some videos demonstrating these techniques soon.   In the more immediate future, I'll be supporting singer-songwriter Jann Klose at Rockwood Music Hall in NYC this Thursday 6/29 for the release of a single we recorded with Annie Haslam (Renaissance) a few months back.  And on Friday the 30th, I'll be at Hank's in downtown Brooklyn with Woodhead, joined by our friends the True Groove All-Stars.  Thanks for reading everyone!  More soon! 

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