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After a busy summer of touring, recording and playing around the city, I'm happy to be settling into the theater this fall for a month-long run of "Androboros", America's oldest play. The show features all original music by my friend Spencer Katzman, and has allowed me to put together a hybrid percussion rig with some fun bells and whistles. The band is just a duo with a pianist, so it's a good challenge to hit all the cues perfectly and follow the actors from our perch in the balcony above the stage at the Fraunces Tavern Museum. I even get to use this amazing conch shell I picked up in the Florida Keys a few years back. A brief aside: I'm continually amazed when I watch Youtube videos of the legendary Steve Turre playing intricate jazz solos on differently pitched conch shells. Here's a clip. I'm lucky if I can get a clean tone at all (although, in fairness, I'm not a brass player, and playing it every day has led to some mild improvement). Anyway, the play runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday in October, with a special opening night press show on Monday October 9th. The ticket link is here .

Since the show ends early in the evening (by NYC standards), I also have a couple doubleheaders, including a hit with Woodhead at Hank's Saloon in Brooklyn on Saturday Oct 7. I'll be playing with my pals Favorite States at Prohibition in the Upper West Side on Thursday, Oct. 19th, and also look forward joining singer-songwriter Luke Buck for his EP release at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 2 on Oct 21st. And of course, there's the Michael Gallant Trio monthly residency at Tomi Jazz in midtown on Wednesday the 25th. And finally, I'm honored to have another drum solo featured on the world's most popular drum channel, Drum Talk TV, and pleasantly flabbergasted at how it got over 23,000 views in 2 days.! Anyway, more on that soon, and thanks for reading!

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