A December to dismember...

As the end of the year barrels toward us, I'm feeling a bit guilty for my recent neglect of this blog. It's been an exhausting and immensely rewarding few months, and I'm so thankful to all the people who keep me working and playing every day. Since October, much of my time has has been spent in the theater doing a couple different shows; first was "Androboros", (America's oldest play), followed by a few performances of "Stu for Silverton" and Marla Mase's "Miracles Lost & Found". Pit orchestra work can be demanding and grueling, but also highly gratifying and great for the sight-reading chops. It's been interesting to incorporate a variety of auxiliary percussion into my setup, including triangle (which was a bit of a fetish of Silverton MD Will Reynolds), conch shell, woodblocks, cajon, tambourine, etc.... Beyond the music, I've enjoyed the camaraderie of being a part of a large cast and gotten to meet some very talented musicians and actors.

An additional benefit to the theater gigs was that they often ended early enough in the evening to allow me to do a later hit. And that happened a lot. Woodhead rocked the Knitting Factory, Hank's and The Beast Next Door, Luke Buck did Rockwood 2 (twice), Skulk The Hulking shredded a year-ender at The Delancey, and Doll Parts played a fun one at Maple Street School in Brooklyn where I met Captain Kirk from the Roots. I also did my regular residencies at Prohibition with Favorite States and Tomi Jazz with The Michael Gallant Trio. I also spent some time in the studio recording Luke Buck's single "Winter" at the historic M&I Studios with legendary engineer Ira Yuspeh. And in between all that, I found a minute to film some new drum videos (featuring my Hendrix snare), which will again be featured on the world most popular drum video website, Drum Talk TV. More on that soon!

As for what's to come, I'll be in the studio at the end of December to record my 4th album with indie rockers "We is Shore Dedicated" (and their 7th overall). In January, I'll be heading San Antonio for a hit at the Convention Center with rapper MC Frontalot; I'm also looking forward to NYC shows with Doll Parts, Heroes, Michael Gallant and a few other artists, as well as a festival upstate with Welf Dorr. And of course, there's the annual pilgrimage to Anaheim for the NAMM show! Thanks for reading, and happy holidays to all!

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