NAMM, San Antonio

Hello from 30,000 feet! I’m on my way out to Anaheim for the NAMM show and looking forward to seeing old friends, checking out new gear and enjoying some sunshine and great tacos. It’s been a fast start to 2018, and I’ve been splitting time between the stage and studio. I had a great trip to San Antonio last week with rapper MC Frontalot to play the Penny Arcade Expo at the massive downtown convention center. It had been almost 8 years since I was last in San Antonio, and I had a blast exploring the city with bassist Matt Milligan, who also plays in the band Wheatus. We meandered across the train tracks to score some coffee in a funky hipster neighborhood, located some authentic tacos (are you sensing a theme?) and then hit up the Alamo before soundcheck (I remembered)! The show itself had a nice energy, and I can’t wait to share some of my drummer-cam vids which will be premiering on Drum Talk TV soon along with a host of other videos. I’ve also played shows with Doll Parts, Woodhead, and The Michael Gallant Trio this month, along with a number of sessions at Germano Studios in Manhattan. Germano is a descendant of the legendary Hit Factory and is quickly becoming one of my favorites. This week, I did some tracking for French artist Bernard Boyer, with Grammy-nominated engineer Kenta Yonesaka producing at the controls. The studio has a nice Gretsch house kit which pairs really well with my Hendrix snare and I’ve been quite pleased with the drum sounds we’ve gotten there. After NAMM, I’ll be jumping right back into NYC gigs with Skulk The Hulking, Woodhead, Favorite States, and heading upstate for a festival with The Welf Dorr Unit. I’ll be filming as much as I can, so keep an eye on my FB page and Drum Talk TV for more videos and new content. Thanks for reading the blog; more to come soon!

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