Recordings & New Vids!

After a summer spent mostly away from the city, this fall has marked a sort of renewal as I've spent a lot of time in the studio working on new projects. I'm particularly excited about my group with Dave Ross and Dmitry Ishenko, which features Dave's songwriting and brilliant guitar playing. We've been deep in the shed workshopping new material, but here's a sneak peak which was recently featured on Drum Talk TV (the world's top drum video site).

I've also been busy playing shows around the city with singer-songwriter Luke Buck, and am looking forward to finishing some tracks we laid down in the studio over the summer. Speaking of recordings, Woodhead has 2 new releases coming out, including a full-length album we did at legendary engineer Martin Bisi's studio, and a track on a compilation entitled "NOW New York" on True Groove Records. I'm also honored to be featured in a shiny (and very well-produced) new music video with my friends The Depth & The Whisper and a full-length album release from STH. As far as live shows, The Michael Gallant Trio's residency at Tomi Jazz continues with four dates to close out the year (11/7, 11/10, 12/5 & 12/8). These shows are always a pile of fun because I get to stretch out musically over 2 long sets and play a lot of solos on a very small drumkit. This means constantly coming up fresh rhythmic and textural ideas to avoid repetition and stagnation. We've been at Tomi monthly for almost four years now, and if you haven't made it to one of these shows, I'd love to see you. The food and drinks are great, and the atmosphere is festive. It fills up fast, so I'd recommend making a reservation.

Looking further on the horizon, I'm excited for some live shows with Dave Ross' Music Arte Ensemble, bassist extraordinaire Tony Tino, rap superstar MC Frontalot and others. I'm also excited to announce a series of educational articles I'll be publishing in conjunction with online lesson site Drumeo. Thanks for reading, and please peep the calendar page for all the comings and goings!

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