Tour Wrap! (Rap)

It's been an amazing few weeks touring the west coast with MC Frontalot and making an album with We Is Shore Dedicated. The shows in Seattle, Portland and S.F. were especially fun, and we had large and enthusiastic crowds almost everywhere we went. I felt like we got into a great space musically and could feel that progression of the set getting tighter as the tour went on. I'm grateful to Remo, Hendrix Drums and Drum Dots for providing crucial gear support to make this run even more enjoyable. It's always challenging to play these types of shows on an unfamiliar rig, but having my snare, cymbals, and preferred drum heads and dampeners along helped me feel comfortable right away. One of the highlights of the trip was a one-hour interview and performance at Google Headquarters in L.A. for their 'Google Talks" series They could not have been more friendly and accommodating, and I can't wait to hear the final product.

Besides the shows, we ate burritos in Berkeley, drove though the Redwoods in Northern California, tried some tasty rice bowls in southern Oregon, and got to explore all over Seattle. I took a long walk from downtown out to the Fremont neighborhood to grab a new stickbag courtesy of my new friends American Music Drum Shop. On our one fully off-day, I also got to visit some of the filming locations from the show Twin Peaks. We saw the breathtaking Snoqualmie Falls (site of the Great Northern hotel in the show) and had coffee and cherry pie at the RR diner. As a recent convert to Twin Peaks fandom it was a thrilling trip, especially since I had series expert and master David Lynch-impressionist Mark Schaffer as my traveling buddy.

Once we made it back down to California (2500 miles later), I enjoyed seeing some old friends for our last big show in S.F.. The day after that final show, I said goodbye to my tourmates and immediately began rehearsals for the new We is Shore Dedicated album in Oakland. It was great to hear those tunes come to life in the studio, especially since I got to play a fabulous-sounding vintage Slingerland kit on the session. I laid down 10 tracks the first day, and we did some percussion overdubs the day after that. We also ate more burritos and I slowly got over the tour exhaustion. Overall, it was a wonderful 3 weeks of music and exploration, however I am quite ready to get back to NYC. I’m jumping back into lots of great music this week, including a show with Favorite States at Rooftop Red’s in the Brooklyn Navy Yard this Friday.

Thanks for reading- more soon!

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