Hudson Music Drum Book

Here’s some big news: I’ve signed a publishing deal with Hudson Music to write a drum book! This is a massive undertaking, but what better time to do it than now? I’ll be sharing more details soon, but the main goal of this book is to help drummers get better at learning songs and playing in everyday band situations, i.e., “Stuff You Can Use”. The book will include a TON of brand new original play-along tracks across many genres, and I’m filming and recording everything at C-Room Studio with fancy lights and cameras over the next two weeks!

I’ve lined up an amazing group of collaborators to help me create these tracks. They are my bandmates, my friends, and some of the most innovative and skilled musicians I know. I’m particularly excited to have my longtime rhythm section partner Dmitry Ishenko play a large part in the book. We’ve worked together for almost 20 years, recorded more than 30 albums and played thousands (?) of gigs, large and small. What better way to help drummers get better than to have them play with one of the best bass players on the planet?

You may also notice this impressive array of Swiss metal behind me, and I want to give a major thanks to Tim Shahady and the crew at Paiste Cymbals for making this happen for the filming. I truly believe these are the best cymbals in the world, and I’m honored to be a new member of this family of artists. I also want to thank Remo. and Roger Johnson for these great drumheads which have given the studio kit a major booster shot. And of course, the folks at Hendrix Drums, who have believed in me for a long time and provided some of the best snares around, along with Dr

umdots, who make these super-handy dampening gels that I use in the studio all the time. Having support from these companies will undoubtedly make the book better. The drums sound and look great, and I’m feeling very inspired to play.

I also want to extend a thanks to my pal Dan Shinder for his help, advice and friendship, along with Albert Bickley, my friend and camera guru. Since I should probably save some words for the actual book, I’ll conclude by expressing my immense gratitude to Rob Wallis, Joe Bergamini and the crew at Hudson Music for believing in me and getting behind this project. Rob is a true legend in the drumming world, and Hudson has published many of the books and videos that I used to learn the instrument. It’s an incredible honor to work with them. Stay tuned for more, and many thanks to everyone for the support and encouragement (especially my family) . Now it’s time to record, film, edit, mix, transcribe and write!

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