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Music Videos/Studio

"Woodhead @ Seaside Lounge Studios

"The Prince"

I'm in You  @ Adrian Grenier's "Wreck Room"


Jann Klose Music Video

"Make it Better"

"Woodhead" @ Seaside Lounge Studios

"The Gods That Built"


Caesar's Palace, Las Vegas w/MC Frontalot 

Woodhead @ The Mercury Lounge NYC

Drum Solo

Andrea Capozzoli @ The Blue Note

"Something About You Baby"

The Smoke People w/Andrew D'Angelo

CD Release @ The Blue Note

Andrea Capozzoli @ The Beantown Jazzfest

"Dont Know Why, But I Still Love You"

The Blue Note w/Emily Braden

Lars Potteiger, Dmitry Ishenko:  "Soul Walk"