MC Frontalot

"Live @ Magfest 2019"

The Smoke People

Phoebe Legere

Heart of Love

Luke Buck

"Winter" (Single)

Andrea Capozzoli


w/Maggie Scott, Dmitry Ishenko

Michael Gallant Trio

"Live Plus One"

w/Dmitry Ishenko, Pepe Gonzalez

Brandon Rosen

"Maybe I'm Crazy"  (Single) 

Brandon Rosen

"Why Hate When You Can Love"  (Single) 

Brandon Rosen

"Let's Run Away (Single)



Andrea Capozzoli

"So Real"

Emmi Matsunaga

"Juke Box"


Casper Jones

"Delicious Creation"

Analog Planet

"Analog Planet"

Analog Planet

"Live @ Piers Park"


Norah Vincent & Vern Woodhead

"Songs for Samuel"


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Outside Mullingar Broadway

Starring  Debra Messing, Brendan O'Byrne

Drums, Bodhran, Percussion

Action Moves People United

"w/Jann Klose, also featuring Dan Akyroyd, Julian Lennon, members of YES and Jethro Tull


Jann Klose & Annie Haslam

"Don't Give Up" (Single)


"El Inmortal"

Jann Klose


Time in Transit

"Time in Transit"

Armored Records


We is Shore Dedicated

"Subject Impermanance"

Huevo Imaginary Records

We is Shore Dedicated


Huevo Imaginary Records

We is Shore Dedicated

"No Ski Here Ogi Sap"

Huevo Imaginary Records

We is Shore Dedicated


Huevo Imaginary Records

We is Shore Dedicated


Huevo Imaginary Records

Emma Friedman

Full Circle (EP)

Tory Hanna


I'm in You



"Who's Your Paddy"

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Additional Discography

Bad Galaxy "14th Parallel", "Never Been Afraid" (Perc.) 2020

Andrea Capozzoli "Last Goodbye" (Single) 2020

Andrea Capozzoli "I'm So Into You" (Post-Prod., 2020)

We is Shore Dedicated "Broken" (2020)

Anita Aysola "Heartbeat" Single (2019) (Rolling Stone Premiere)

Moonlit Strays "Ghost Train to Lavendar Lake" (2019)

Luke Buck "Famous" (Post Prod., 2020)

Woodhead "Atados" Post-Prod., 2020

Here are the Lions "I Didn't Tell You" (Single)

"Hair & Brimstone" (Film) w/We is Shore Dedicated

NOW New York Compilation Album w/Woodhead (True Groove Records)

Skulk The Hulking (Afterbirth of a Nation) 2018

Aurical "Rollercoaster" (Single) 2015

Andrew Bergmann "45 Minutes for 128 Musicians" 2015

Colm Reilly "The Fight On Campaign for Seanin" 2015

I'm in You "Sure" (Video)  Wreck Room Records 2014

The Deep Pink "Dancer Girl" 2013

Greetings from Tim Buckley, Feature Film, 2011

Andrea Capozzoli “It’s a Matter of Pride (Single) 2011

Andrea Capozzoli "I Don't Wanna Be Alone Tonite (Single) 2011

Jonathan Feist "Fantasy Monologues"

Josh Nelson Project “Sirius XM Radio Special” 2010

I’m In You “Our Weakness is God’s Power” 2010

Tom Forst, Single tracks, 2010

Frank Dennull “Purpose”, 2009

Rob Mitzner Trio "Live @ The Fireplace", 2007

David Patterson "Black Mountain Rag", WGBH Studios, 2007

Nicole Sutka "The Burden" 2006

The Hermes Orchestra "Live @ The Tremont Theater" 2006

DLicks & The Army of Funk “DLicks”

Dance for Dan Septet “Dance for Dan” & “Moanin”

The Buzz “Happening”

National & Local Radio/TV Appearances & Interviews


"Trending Today" Fox Business

NPR "Echoes" Thanksgiving Special (w/David Patterson)

Joey Reynolds Show WOR 710AM NY (w/Andrea Capozzoli)

Mallet’s Place Time Warner Cable (w/Time in Transit)

Different Voices MNN New York Ch. 56 (w/Andrea Capozzoli)

Sirius XM Radio Hanukkah Special (w/Josh Nelson Project)

The Voicemobile, Tufts University Radio (Live Interview)

Funky Monkey 88.1 WMBR Boston (w/Rob Mitzner Group)

The Wire 88.1FM WBMR Boston

The Don Lincoln Show (Time Warner Cable, Lincoln, RI)