Rob has been featured in many national publications as a performer, writer and educator 

Discussing Jann Klose, and Action Moves People United in the Billboard Top 10

Modern Drummer Magazine 
Drummer Blog: Rob Mitzner

 "I'm in You's "explorations in the world post-punk dance rock and Rob's musical upbringing and influences

Rob writes about ways for bandleaders use language of the drumset 

Rob lays out strategies for writing quick drum charts out featuring Jann Klose's tune "Make it Better" and "Big Take Over" by the Bad Brains

Modern Drummer Magazine 
features Rob Mitzner of "I'm in You"

Rob discusses proper drumset setup, warmup techniques and play-along ideas

Discmakers Echoes Blog
"Modify The Drums (and more) When the Venue Pulls the Plug"

Breaking down the process of blending live drums with programming on the latest "I'm in You" album 

Discmakers interviews Rob about his "Cajon Rig" setup

Discmakers Echoes Blog
How to Make it As a Musician for Hire

Rob provides some pro tips

Discmakers Echoes Blog
"Tales of the Worst Music Gigs Ever"

Exactly what it sounds like.

Rob talks about recording tracks for the Broadway show "Outside Mullingar" and his musical background and influences

"Mitzner's shuffling, agitated drums recall the pulsating rhythms of the beat forward"-- Jazz 

"...the easy feel of "Borrowed" enhanced by Mitzner's brushes" -- Jazz Weekly

"The rhythm section is tight...they have the unique distinction of not sounding like anybody are on a different planet, maybe Manhattan, on LSD as a character in that one film that Jim Jarmusch was too scared shitless to make."--

‘The Kite’ explores the double-edged fear and exhilaration of freedom...and features.... Rob Mitzner’s emphatic drums. -- Pennyblack Music

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