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Email for a free Phone consultation!

Do you want to know how to do any of these things?  

If so, then good news! I am offering remote lessons.

Rock, Jazz, R&B, Pop Drumming

Learning Songs 

Reading Music

 Creating Drum Charts

Improvising & Soloing

Hand/Foot Techniques

4- Way Independence

Gear Selection

Drum Tuning

Recording Drum Tracks

Pro Tools

Drum Mics

Audio Editing

Making a Quality Drum Video

Remote Collaborations

Charlie Parker Omnibook


Featured On:

Over 50 Albums, Billboard Top 10,

Broadway, Drumeo, Drum Talk TV,

Modern Drummer, Downbeat Magazine


All ages & experience levels welcome

(yes beginners!!!)  

Schedule a lesson!

(PLease read FAQ below first!)

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PLease read Carefully!

Booking a lesson means you accept all terms & conditions below

Q. How do I book a drum lesson with you?

A:  Click the link to  email me and arrange a free phone consult!   If we decide it's a good fit, we'll schedule you a time!  All lessons must be prepaid via PayPal or Venmo.  I offer single lessons (60min) , as well as blocks of 4 or 8 for a reduced rate.

Q:  What’s your policy on canceling/rescheduling?

A:  I try to reasonable and accommodating with my time, but I really need to make sure all my lesson slots are filled.  Knowing that you’re not coming ahead of time frees me up to use that time slot for someone else.    With that in mind, if you need to cancel or reschedule for any reason, it must be 24 hrs. in advance or you will be charged in full for that lesson, sorry no exceptions.  You are allowed one rescheduling/cancelation in each calendar month- any additional cancelations or no-shows that month will also be charged in full (even with 24hrs notice).   There are also no refunds of any type on 4 and 8-lesson packages.  

Q:  Do I need a drumset to take start taking lessons?

A:  No!  There’s a lot we can do on a practice pad and we can also create a homemade kit out of items from around your house (pillows, buckets, siblings).

Q:  What if I get so into the lessons that I want to buy a drumset?

A:  Buying drums can be a daunting task, and I can help you choose what to get.  I can also help you set it up and tune it as part of the lesson. 

Q:  But what if I can’t make much noise in my apartment?  

A:  Rubber practice pads make very little sound, and there are a number of wonderful innovations like Silent Stroke drumheads and reduced-volume cymbals that you can get to reduce the level even more.

Q:  How often should I have a lesson?

A:  I recommend once per week since that gives you a few days to work on the material before we get together again, but not so long that you forget everything we went over.  However, I’m happy to be flexible come up with a schedule that works for you.

Q: Can I come to C-Room Studio in Gowanus Brooklyn and have a lesson in person?

A:  Normally, yes and it’s a lot of fun.  We have a private courtyard with graffiti art, a grill and tons of musicians all around.  But due to social distancing requirements, we’re online-only for now. Hopefully soon!

Q:  What if I’m late or have trouble logging on?

A:  It’s best to be ready to go 10min early!

Q:  Yes, but what if…

A:  The hour we’re scheduled is the hour that we’ll do the lesson.  I’m known to be generous with my time, and sometimes I lose track ‘cause I’m telling a long story or just having too much fun.  But please try to be on time.

Q:  What platform do you use for online lessons?

A:  All lessons are currently on Zoom.  I will send you an invite link prior to the lesson.  Please make sure you have the latest version downloaded so we can have the best quality audio and video, share screens, and play back tracks.   Also, if you can hard-wire into your router using an Ethernet cable, that will help reduce lag from the Wifi.  You also might want to invest in a webcam and USB microphone so we can see and hear each other even better.  I can help you pick these out!

Q: Doing online lessons sounds tough.  Can you help me get set up?

A:  Don’t’ sweat it!  I’ve got this down and will help you adjust your settings for an optimum experience.

Q:  Should I use my Phone, laptop or tablet?

A:  All will work as long as we can see and hear each other.  Using an external USB mic makes it much easier for me to hear you too.  I recommend you do a quick “dry run” to make sure all your tech works before the first lesson.

Q:  Do you use any books or other printed materials in the lessons?

A:  Yes.  We’ll get you hooked up with all the info after you sign up, but none of it is expensive or hard to find.  I also use hand-written sheets of exercises which I’ll share with you.

Q:  Can you teach me out of some books I’ve already purchased?  

A:  If they’re books I’m already familiar with, then possibly.  But usually I like to stick with the program and use specific set of materials.

Q:  Are we going to play music in the lessons or just do exercises?

A:  Music!  Lots of it.  One of the most fun parts of learning drums is playing along with your favorite tunes, or even better, in a live setting with other musicians.    

Q:  How will I remember what to practice before the next lesson?

A:  I will hand-write a lesson sheet during our lesson and email it to you right after.  I pre-emptively apologize in advance for how messy it will be, but maybe I’ll draw a fun pic of a drumset on there.

Q:  How long do you recommend I practice each day?

A:  In my experience, it’s not really about how many minutes, but how productive and focused you are during that time.  I’ll take 30 minutes of concentrated practice over 90 minutes of noodling and messing around any day.  It’s also important to remember that you’ll get out of this what you put into it.  I totally understand that certain weeks you’ll have more time than others, and it’s sometimes tough to carve out the hours.  But if you want to get better, you gotta get in the “shed” (short for “woodshed”, musician slang for heavy practicing).

Q:  Can we still have a productive lesson even if I didn’t practice?

A:  Yes, but it won’t be as good as if you do.  Even just a taking a few minutes before we meet to do some “mental reps” and look over the material is better than nothing.

Q:  Do I need to know how to read music?

A:  Reading is an essential part of becoming a good musician.  We will work on learning some basic music theory, as well as how to create your own shorthand drum charts so you can learn songs quickly.  But we will also work on learning by ear since that's also very important.

Q:  Can you teach me to play my favorite song?

A:  I can teach you how to LEARN how to play your favorite song.

Q:  I learn better by watching…can you demonstrate and I’ll try copy you?

A:  Sure!  We’ll work on training your ear as well as your hands and feet.   Everyone processes information differently and I do my best to tailor the lesson to each person’s needs in an enthusiastic and encouraging way.    I want you to feel inspired to practice and get better.  

Q:  What styles of music do you teach?

A:  Jazz, Rock, R&B, Pop, a little of everything.  I believe that versatility is super-important for a drummer.  For example, even if you don’t end up in a full-blown Samba band, I will teach you a basic Samba beat.  The more musical vocabulary you have, the better prepared you’ll be to play in any situation.  Plus, it’s fun to open your mind and ears to new styles you aren’t familiar with even if you’re not sure you’ll like them.  

Q:  I’ve already been playing drums for a few years and want to learn about recording, drum mics and other more advanced concepts.

A:  Sweet!  But that’s not really a question.

Q:  Can you teach me those things?

A:  Absolutely.  We can also work on 4-way independence exercises, the Charlie Parker Omnibook method, poly-rhythmic subdivisions, improving your feel, groove, dynamics, hand speed and melodic playing.  During the first lesson, I’ll watch you play and we’ll talk about your areas of interest and come up with a game plan.  

Q: Can you think of anything else I need to know?

A: No, but if you if you have any more questions, don’t hesitate to ask!

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